Adnan Aydın who is owner of Gallery Aydın Started this business in 1989 with carpet and kilim repair So that makes us success about restoration of rugs and kilims.22 workerman Working for Gallery Aydın's repairshop they are all older then 40 years old and started to work with us about more then 15 years so ıt's mean there is no one who is working amateur.Time makes them professional.Gallery Aydın worked a lot with museum with to importand pieces.We are fixing piece with old and natural colors from old kilims.We used to work with first quality materials.When we desided to repair any piece firstly they are washing and cleaning with different ways also in the mean time wool worker trying to find best and true wool for the piece after cleaning they are starting to repair with the manager's control ıt's will continue like this days and days.Our Managers used to check pieces when they are working on it.That means there is no way to make mistake.After this stage piece going to be ready for managers checking placeWhen managers start to work on the piece they are checking really carefully the repairs areas and cutting to extra wools. After all of touching and checking piece became a ready to go old place.